Online language school of Asatidezaban

Scientific collection of specialists in different languages

And different tests of different languages

آموزش آنلاین زبانهای زنده دنیا با اساتید زبان

مجموعه علمی از متخصصین زبان های مختلف

و آزمونهای مختلف زبانهای مختلف


High Quality

High quality in providing training

Reduce costs

Reduce class costs for the learner by grouping like-minded students from different cities


Pursuit and importance of learner learning


Coherence in content presentation

The right tips

Better time and accurate guidance to one person is better than attracting 100 language learners


Encourage continuous learning for those looking to update their language.


Everything online


Complete and comprehensive response to users

about us

Online language school of Asatidezaban was established by Taher – Alibalazadeh (Tehran-Iran) & Jack Cryer (Cardiff- Wales) in 2019. The goal of this centre is to gather a group of language teaching professionals

Our main goal

Our main goal is to teach students language skills perfectly, not just selling them a bunch of useless products.

A professional team

Meet our team members!